List of Most Popular 84 Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits

List of most popular 84 Yoga Poses

Yoga is the science of ancient India. Yoga is now a practice that has become an essential part of the daily lives of millions of people.

What Is Yoga?

The practice of yoga improves physical and mental health. According to the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, yoga is divided into four main parts. They are Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga. Ashtanga yoga is described in Raja Yoga.

  1. Yama (abstinences) – Taking the oath
  2. Niyama (Observances) – Self-discipline
  3. Asana (Yoga postures)- Mudra
  4. Pranayama (Breath control)
  5. Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) – control of the senses
  6. Dharana (Concentration)
  7. Dhyana (Meditation)
  8. Samadhi (Absorption) – liberation from bondage or union with God.

What is Yogasana?

Yogasana is the exercise part of yoga. However, yoga is more than an exercise. It is more than just a sport, an art, an education, or a means to a healthy life. Yogasana teaches the yoga practitioner to achieve stability and relaxation of body parts and muscles.

There will be a lot of pressure on the body during yoga. As the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increase, the muscles will tense. The whole body will be compelled to increase its workload. It is not within the intention of yoga. Yoga attempts to control the heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing. To achieve these, each simple asana should be done at a leisurely pace.

When practiced properly, yoga poses, as a part of yoga, will reduce the body’s demand for oxygen, respiration, and sweating. This is the reverse of what is happening in the described scenario. While most exercise routines aim to increase muscle strength, exercising in yoga poses should increase muscular endurance. In fact, properly practiced yoga postures should immediately increase stamina, whereas most exercise routines leave the practitioner feeling stressed and tired.

The whole form of yoga is believed to lead them to perfect harmony and unity within body and mind. Yogasana is limited to strengthening the body.

How many asanas are there in the Yoga Sutra?

How many asanas are there in the Yogasutra

There are 84 basic asanas you can use to increase awareness of yoga postures. When we talk about 84 individual poses, don’t just think of 84 postures. These are 84 systems and there are 84 ways to achieve them. If you have mastered any one yoga posture, you can understand everything that exists.

List of Most Popular 84 Yoga Asanas

But in reality, there are as many types of yoga postures as there are creatures on the surface of the earth. Each posture is a geometric form. Let us read about the total 84 asanas in detail.

  1. Dhanurasana- Bow Pose
  2. Bhujangasana- Cobra Pose
  3. Sirshasana- Headstand Pose
  4. Padmasana- Lotus position Pose
  5. Uthita Parswakonasana- Extended Side Angle Pose
  6. Natarasana- Lord of the Dance Pose or Dancer Pose
  7. Halasana- Plough Pose
  8. Vajrayana- Thunderbolt Pose, or Diamond Pose
  9. Virabhadrasana- Warrior Pose
  10. Chakrasana- Wheel Pose
  11. Surya Namaskar asana- Salute to the Sun Pose
  12. Uthhasana- Camel Pose
  13. Sidhhasana- Accomplished Pose
  14. Vairabasana- Formidable Pose
  15. Tadasana- Mountain Pose
  16. Shavasana- Corpse Pose
  17. Sarvangasana- Shoulder Stand Pose
  18. Nawasana- Boat Pose
  19. Paschimatasana- Seated Forward Bend, or Intense Dorsal Stretch Pose
  20. Setu Bandha Sarbatangasana- Shoulder-supported bridge or simply Bridge Pose
  21. Trikonasana- Triangle Pose
  22. Vrikshyasana- Tree Pose
  23. Bada Konasana- Bound Angle Pose
  24. Biparietal Dandasana- Inverted Staff Pose
  25. Gomukhasana- Cow Face Pose
  26. Chaturanga Dandasana- Four-Limbed Staff Pose, or Low Plank Pose
  27. Salbhasana- Locust pose, or Grasshopper Pose
  28. Astanga Namaskarasana- Eight Limbed Pose, or Caterpillar Pose
  29. Bakasana- Crane Pose, or Crow Pose
  30. Utkatasana- Chair Pose
  31. Uthita Hasta Padangusthasana- Standing Big Toe Hold or Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose
  32. Upabistha Konasana- Wide angle seated forward bend pose
  33. Uttanasana- Standing Forward Bend Pose
  34. Dandasana- Staff Pose
  35. Anjaneyasana- Crescent Moon Pose, or Equestrian Pose
  36. Garva Pindasana- Embryo in Womb Pose
  37. Garudasana- Eagle Pose
  38. Adhomukho Swanasana- Downward Dog Pose
  39. Krounchasana- Heron Pose
  40. Bruschikasana- Scorpion pose
  41. Swastikasana- Sitting cross-legged Pose
  42. Trivikramasanasana- Standing splits Pose
  43. Bidalasana- Cat Pose
  44. UrdhwaMukha Swanasana- Upward-Facing Dog Pose
  45. Anantasana- Sleeping Vishnu Pose or Vishnu’s Couch Pose
  46. Jathara Parivartanasana- Revolved Abdomen Pose
  47. Mayurasana- Peacock pose
  48. Varadwajasana- Twisting Pose- dedicated to the sage Bharadwaja
  49. Vekasana- Frog Pose
  50. Malasana- Garland Pose
  51. Eka pada Rajakapotasana- One-legged Pose, or King Pigeon Pose
  52. Sukhasana- Easy Pose
  53. Janusirshasana- Head-to-Knee Pose
  54. Kurmasana- Tortoise Pose, or Turtle Pose
  55. Matsyasana- Fish pose
  56. Paridhasana- Gate Pose
  57. Upabistha Konasana- Split Pose, or Gymnastics Pose
  58. Hanumanasana- Monkey Pose
  59. Parswatanasana- Intense Side Stretch Pose
  60. Supta Padanguthasana- Reclining Hand to Big Toe pose or Supine Hand to Toe pose
  61. Tulisan- Balance pose, Scale pose, or Raised Lotus Pose
  62. Uthabakrasana- Eight-Angle Pose
  63. Balasana- Child Pose
  64. Prasarita Padottanasana- Wide Stance Forward Bend Pose
  65. Tithibasana- Firefly Pose
  66. Mastsyandrayasana- Lord of the Fishes Pose
  67. Pasasana- Noose Pose
  68. Sinhasana- Lion Pose
  69. Yoganidrasana- Yogic Sleep Pose
  70. Akarma Dhanurasana- Archer pose, Bow and Arrow pose
  71. Ardha Chandrasana- Half Moon Pose
  72. Durbasasana- Standing Pose
  73. Uthita Basisthasana-Side Plank Pose
  74. AdhoMukhoBraksasana- Handstand Pose
  75. Gorakhyasana- Cowherd Pose
  76. Kapotasana- Pigeon Pose
  77. Kukutasana- Cockerel Pose, or Rooster Pose
  78. Louisana- Pendant Pose
  79. Marichasana- Forward bend Pose, or Sage Marichi Pose
  80. Biparietal Karni Asana- Legs up the wall pose
  81. Virasana- Hero Pose
  82. Vujapidasana- Shoulder pressing Pose
  83. Koundinyasana- Flying Pigeon Pose, or Sage Kaundinya’s pose
  84. Makarasana- Crocodile Pose

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